Alright PETA, you win…

Alright PETA, you win...

Researchers are developing a machine that could replace animal testing altogether. The organ simulator is designed to simulate the lung, heart, kidney, intestine, pancreas, skin and bone marrow. Each chip is designed to consist of reservoirs, channels, and membranes lined with human cells. Scientists can monitor the cells’ response to different fluid and air stimuli, to gauge the effect on actual human beings.

6 thoughts on “Alright PETA, you win…

  1. I recently read about a researcher at the Wyss Institute who created a “lung on a chip” so that people could test the effects of drugs on the lungs. It’s neat that they’ve expanded this to other organs!

  2. My problem with testing like this is that organs are not held in a vacuum. There is a lot of interplay between different organs, for example it is very difficult to research many things with the pancreas without factoring in how the liver works with it.

    I appreciate the advancements that are happening with tissue tests, but I don’t see animal testing going away for a while.

  3. The idea is quite interesting, but I wonder if it could be as effective… I mean I love my animals, but I can see some flaws with working on such a scale, I’m all for saving the animals…

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