Preventative Double Mastectomies

Preventative Double Mastectomies

In the NY Times, I read an article that talked about how women that are genetically predisposed to getting breast cancer, are now opting to get a preventative procedure to avoid breast cancer. Doctor’s can predict that some women may have a 90% chance of getting breast cancer, and a 50% of getting ovarian cancer, after getting tested for the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. This article is also a clear indication that research efforts should focus on diagnostic technologies. Unfortunately, most of our cancer detection technologies are harmful in themselves, making frequent observation of patients counter productive.

4 thoughts on “Preventative Double Mastectomies

  1. I read about this the other day. It may seem a bit over cautious but I think that it was so brave and saved her and her family a lot of trouble in the future.

  2. In the case of breast cancer especially, knowing that one is BRCA1 positive and being able to reduce the risk of breast cancer from 80% to 5% through a mastectomy is HUGE. I hate that the test for BRCA mutations is so expensive, I definitely feel that this is something that should be available to any woman. I hope the supreme court decides that the genes cannot be patented and this test could become more readily available. If you want to learn a little more about the current issues with the court case, check this out:

  3. I read this article too, and I have to say after doing my research through senior sem, I would not undergo a double mastectomy. I realize that this proedure reduces your chances a whole lot but there are non-invasive methods avaliable that can detect cancer in the breast with yp to 95% accuracy , but like any test you have false postives and negatives. I just think going ahead and getting both breasts removed is a little drastic.

  4. I saw this on yahoo (maybe??) and it was talking about how breast cancer ran in her family and her expected chance to get breast was extremely high. I think this showed a lot of bravery, and having someone who is such a huge celebrity (and sex symbol) undergo such a surgery for the sake of her health says a lot about her priorities.

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