Train Your Brain

Train Your Brain

New companies like Lumosity have over 40 million members online, to improve their brain function. Although there is often unclear results on whether brain training just improves one’s skill at a particular game, or if the skills actually translate to real world application. Click the picture for a pretty interesting article.

5 thoughts on “Train Your Brain

  1. yea ive been wondering if something like this could actually be effective to really improve overall brain function like it claims. Obviously as you play different “games” or activities, you will improve for that particular one, but it would be interesting if they could prove that it really does have an overall effect

  2. I must say it actually does work, my mom suffered a severe concusion last summer and lost her speach for about 6 months and would forget things and since playing this game its really helped with her speach! She still plays it because she says it helps her keep her mind active. I have actually played some myself after my concusion 2 years ago.

  3. My parents have a game like this for their gameboy. They lost it. I was obsessed with the games though. Personally, I believe the games became easier just because I repeated them over and over again. Eventually I just knew what to expect.

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